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The Atlantic coast stretches from Maine to Florida and provides endless possibilities for exciting vacation destinations. If you are looking for a romantic weekend getaway or a week long family vacation the Atlantic coast is a great choice.

Up and down the coast you will find championship golf courses, kayaking opportunities, boating, sailing, fishing, biking, camping, bed and breakfasts, spas, resorts and more. Whether you want to go to Maine to spot some moose or visit the breathtaking beaches and islands of the states further south the Atlantic coast has a lot to offer.

The Atlantic Coast provides many opportunities to get close to the ocean. Atlantic Coast beaches offer better surf than beaches on the Gulf of Mexico and attract more tourists. They afford all the opportunities that go with being near the sea, like boating. The coast has many large cities and they offer high rise hotels, nightspots, and plenty of tourist diversions. If you seek excitement, entertainment and nightlife these are good beaches for you. If you want more sedate accommodations, there are smaller venues with access to beach or ocean areas without the crowd, but they offer fewer attractions like nightclubs. Even without the ocean, the Atlantic Coast has many promising vacation opportunities with historic and modern cities like Washington D.C., Baltimore, and New York City. At the same time, you can have a quaint vacation in a smaller, less well known town.

Plan your trip early to find affordable deals and packages at competitive prices. You can make all of your plans online, from your accommodations and flights to car rentals and golf tee times. Here you can search for all of the information you will need to plan the best vacation.

Atlantic Coast vacation rentals give you room to breathe.

Many travelers mistakenly believe that staying in a hotel room for the week will be the least expensive and easiest vacation option however there are a lot of disadvantages to this way of thinking. A vacation rental will give you much more space than one small room at a hotel. If you booked as many rooms at a hotel as you get with a vacation rental you would be paying a much higher price each night than at a rental. The extra space provided by a vacation rental makes a vacation that much nicer. Extra bathrooms, extra bedrooms, a full kitchen, and a family room add to the relaxation of your vacation.


An Atlantic Coast vacation rental gives you the convenience of coming and going when you want. If the family wants to go to the pool they can do that while you lounge at the rental and watch TV or catch up on your reading. A small hotel room doesn’t give off as much of that relaxed feel; it’s a place to sleep but not a place to live for a week. When you want a snack, open the fridge and grab something. It’s so nice to have your own kitchen and be able to make meals when you want. A vacation rental doesn’t mean you can’t eat out, it just means that you don’t have to eat at a restaurant.


There are Atlantic Coast vacation rental locations all around the Atlantic Coast. Just be aware that not all rentals are in close proximity to the attractions you want to see. Research carefully to be sure the vacation rental you choose is close to the attractions you plan to visit.


Atlantic Coast vacation rentals range vastly in price. While it’s nice to save a buck or two on your accommodations during vacation, be aware of what you’re getting for your dollar. Be sure that you look at as many pictures of a potential vacation rental as you can so that you know what you’re getting. Some vacation rentals have game rooms with pool tables, and other entertainment options. Some rentals have onsite swimming pools while others have a private pool for the rental.